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The Fitness and Health Glossary +++ Popular Articles: 'Resistance', 'Relaxation', 'Routine'

Deutsch: Erholung / Español: Recuperación / Português: Recuperação / Français: Récupération / Italiano: Recupero

Recovery in the fitness context refers to the processes and actions taken to allow the body to repair and strengthen itself after exercise. It is a critical component of any fitness regimen as it helps to prevent injuries, reduce muscle soreness, and enhance overall performance by giving the body time to heal and adapt to the stress of physical activity.

Deutsch: Routine / Français: Routine - Routine

Routine in the fitness context refers to a structured and repetitive series of physical activities, exercises, or training sessions designed to achieve specific health or fitness goals. It involves consistent and scheduled workouts or movements that individuals follow regularly as part of their fitness regimen. Establishing a routine is integral to making progress, maintaining physical fitness, and achieving long-term wellness objectives.

Deutsch: Relaxation / Español: Relajación / Português: Relaxamento / Français: Relaxation

Relaxation in the fitness context refers to a crucial aspect of physical and mental well-being. It involves intentionally reducing physical tension, mental stress, and achieving a state of calmness. This practice plays a significant role in maintaining overall health and enhancing athletic performance. Relaxation techniques can be applied in various areas, offering a wide range of benefits, but it is important to recognize potential risks and limitations as well.

Deutsch: Widerstand / Español: Resistencia / Português: Resistência / Français: Résistance / Italiano: Resistenza /

Resistance, in the context of fitness and exercise, refers to the force or weight that opposes muscular contraction. It is an essential component of strength training and can take various forms, including free weights, resistance bands, or even the body's own weight. Resistance training aims to increase muscle strength, endurance, and size by subjecting muscles to controlled stress. This article explores the concept of resistance in fitness, its various applications, and potential risks.

Deutsch: Durchtrainiert / Español: Definido / Português: Definido / Français: Déchiré / Italiano: Strappato /

Ripped a slang word that is used describe extreme muscularity.

Recommended Daily Allowance (RDA) refers to the level of essential nutrients required to adequately meet the known nutrient needs of practically all healthy persons, according to the
Restriction Operation refers ot the type of surgery most often used for producing Weight loss. Food intake is restricted by creating a small pouch at the top of the stomach where the
Roux-en-Y Gastric Bypass (RGB) refers to the most common Gastric Bypass procedure. First, a small stomach pouch is created by stapling or by vertical banding. This causes restriction
Reciprocal Inhibition refers to the reflex relaxation in a muscle being stretched.
Resistance Training refers to the use of weights (dumbells, barbels) to build lean muscle tissue