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The Fitness and Health Glossary +++ Popular Articles: 'Aerobic exercise', 'Activity', 'Adduction'

Deutsch: Akkommodierendes Training / Español: Entrenamiento acomodaticio / Português: Treinamento acomodativo / Français: Entraînement accommodant / Italiano: Allenamento accomodante

Accommodating in the fitness context often refers to accommodating resistance, a training method that involves modifying the resistance or load in accordance with the natural strength curve of the muscles throughout a movement. This technique is used to maximize muscle tension and improve the effectiveness of strength training exercises.

Deutsch: Amphiarthrose / Español: Anfiartrosis / Português: Anfiartrose / Français: Amphiarthrose / Italiano: Anfiartrosi

Amphiarthrosis in the fitness context refers to a type of joint in the human body that allows only slight movement. Unlike the freely movable synovial joints, such as the shoulder or knee, amphiarthroses provide stability and support while still permitting some movement to occur, which is crucial for absorbing shock and allowing subtle movements that contribute to overall mobility and flexibility.

Deutsch: Fettgewebe / Español: Tejido adiposo / Português: Tecido adiposo / Français: Tissu adipeux / Italiano: Tessuto adiposo /

Adipose Tissue refers to the Fat cells in the body, which stores energy (in the form of fat) and provides cushioning and insulation.

Adenosine Triphosphate refers to a high-energy chemical compound that the body uses for immediate energy.

Deutsch: Adduktion / Español: Aducción / Português: Adução / Français: Adduction / Italiano: Adduzione /

Adduction refers to the movement of a limb towards the middle of body, such as bringing arms from a horizontal <a href="/cms/ rev="av:20240106083445">shoulder height position on either side of the body to the to side from

Adaptation is a term in fitness and sports that refers to the way the body programs the muscles to remember particular activities, movements or skills.

Abduction refers to the movement of a limb away from middle of body, such as bringing the arms position to shoulder height from hanging down position.

Abduction is the opposite of

Alexander Technique refers to the method of re-educating the mind and body to improve movement. The focus is on applying the appropriate amount of energy for each activity in order to

Deutsch: Arthritis / Español: Artritis / Português: Artrite / Français: Arthrite / Italiano: Artrite /

Arthritis refers to a group of inflammatory joint diseases that can affect individuals in the fitness context. It is characterized by pain, swelling, stiffness, and decreased joint mobility. Arthritis can impact various joints in the body, including the knees, hips, shoulders, and wrists. While it can pose challenges to those pursuing fitness goals, appropriate exercise and lifestyle modifications can help manage its symptoms and maintain an active lifestyle.

Abductor refers to a group of muscles that are primarily responsible for moving a body part away from the midline of the body or from another body part. In the fitness context, abductors play a crucial role in various movements and exercises aimed at strengthening and toning specific muscle groups. These muscles are often overlooked but are essential for overall muscle balance and functionality.