Glossary V

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Deutsch: Vriksasana / Español: Vriksasana / Português: Vriksasana / Français: Vriksasana / Italiano: Vriksasana

Vriksasana, also known as the Tree Pose, is a standing yoga pose that emphasizes balance, focus, and a deep connection to breathing. It is commonly practiced in various styles of yoga and is renowned for its benefits in enhancing overall fitness and stability.

A Very Low Calorie Diet (VLCD) refers to a short-term Weight loss diet, VLCDs are commercially prepared formulas of 800 calories or less that replace all usual food intake.

Deutsch: Vodder Massage / Español: Masaje Vodder / Português: Massagem Vodder / Français: Massage Vodder / Italiano: Massaggio Vodder /

Vodder Massage refers to a manual lymph drainage massage technique. The lymphatic drainage massage therapy combines gentle pressure with soft pumping movements in the direction of the lymph nodes in the

Vertical-Banded Gastroplasty refers to the most frequently used restrictive operation for Weight control. During Vertical-Banded Operation, both a band and staples are used to create
VO2 Max is another name of Aerobic capacity or Maximal Oxygen Consumption. It is the maximum amount of oxygen a person can utilise per minute of work. It is often used to evaluate an

VLCD is the acronym of Very Low Calorie Diet (--->'Very Low Calorie Diet'), it refers to a doctor-supervised diet that typically uses commercially prepared formulas to promote rapid Weight loss in patients who are obese.