Glossary N

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Deutsch: Ernährung / Español: Nutrición / Português: Nutrição / Français: Nutrition / Italiano: Nutrizione
Nutrition is the process of breaking down food and substances taken in by the mouth to use for energy in the body.

Net Protein Utilisation refers to a method of evaluating Protein quality by comparing the amount animals retained to the amount they ingested.
Negatives refers to the act of lowering a Weight againt gravity, specifically, resisting gravity by lowering the Weight slowly and under control.
Nutritionist refers to ann expert who is trained in the field of nutrition who is able give advice in regard to allergies or health problems, and plan healthy diets to assist in weight management, like weight loss for people who are suffering from obesity or weight gain for people who suffers from eating diseases like Anorexia and Bulimina.