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The Fitness and Health Glossary +++ Popular Articles: 'Heart', 'Herbal', 'Health'

Deutsch: Haar / Español: Cabello / Português: Cabelo / Français: Cheveux / Italiano: Capelli

In the fitness context, hair primarily relates to the challenges and considerations of managing one's hair during physical activities. This encompasses aspects of hygiene, comfort, and practicality that are essential for an effective workout.

Deutsch: Kräuter / Español: Herbario

In the realm of fitness and wellness, herbal refers to products, supplements, or practices that involve the use of herbs, plant extracts, or botanical ingredients to support or enhance various aspects of physical health and well-being. This article explores the meaning of herbal in the fitness context, its application areas, well-known examples, potential risks, and provides sentences illustrating its usage in different grammatical forms.

Deutsch: Gesundheit / Español: Salud / Português: Saúde / Français: Santé / Italiano: Salute /

In the fitness context, "health" refers to the overall well-being of an individual in relation to their physical, mental, and emotional state. It encompasses various aspects, including physical fitness, mental well-being, nutrition, and lifestyle choices. Achieving and maintaining good health through fitness involves engaging in regular exercise, adopting healthy eating habits, managing stress, and making positive lifestyle choices.

Deutsch: Herz / Español: Corazón / Português: Coração / Français: Cœur / Italiano: Cuore
The heart is a hollow muscular organ that pumps blood throughout the blood vessels to various parts of the body by repeated, rhythmic contractions.

Hamam may refer to Turkish bath in Turkish.

A public bathhouse. A public bathhouse. It usually takes the form of a central, domed, hot room surrounded by smaller domed rooms.

High Protein Diet are diets that recommend receiving up to 30\% of calories(or more) from Protein as opposed to the recommended 10\%-15\% from protein.
The Hydrostatic Body Fat Testing is referring to a Body Composition test performed by submerging the person in water and then measuring his or her underwater weight.
Herbal wrap refers to a treatment using strips of cloth soaked in a heated herbal solution to wrap around the Read more ... Add new comment

Hardbody is a term in fitness, body building that refers to women who are so toned, so good looking, with excellent physique and top of the line fitness competitors.