Glossary G

The Fitness and Health Glossary +++ Popular Articles: 'Guar Gum', 'Glucose', 'Glutamine'

Deutsch: Glutamin / Español: Glutamina / Português: Glutamina / Français: Glutamine / Italiano: Glutammina

Glutamine is a vital amino acid found in the human body and plays a significant role in the fitness context. It is the most abundant amino acid in skeletal muscle tissue and is considered a conditionally essential amino acid, meaning that its demand increases during periods of intense physical activity, stress, or illness. Glutamine is involved in various physiological processes related to muscle recovery, immune system support, and overall athletic performance.

Deutsch: Glucose / Español: Glucosa / Português: Glicose / Français: Glucose / Italiano: Glucosio

Glucose in the fitness context refers to a simple sugar and a primary source of energy for the human body. It is a crucial carbohydrate that plays a vital role in fueling physical activities, maintaining blood sugar levels, and supporting overall athletic performance. Understanding glucose and its metabolism is essential for individuals pursuing fitness and well-being goals.

The Gommage is a cleansing, rehydrating treatment using creams that are applied in long movements, similar to a massage.

Guar Gum refers to a dietary fiber obtained from the Indian cluster bean. Used extensively as a thickening agent for foods and pharmaceuticals, it is commonly sold as an herbal supplement to promote weight loss.

Gastric Banding is referring to a surgical procedure in which a band made of special material is placed around the stomach near its upper end, creating a small pouch and a narrow passage into the larger remainder of the stomach.
Gastric Bypass refers to a type of operation that combines the creation of a small stomach pouch to restrict food intake and the construction of bypasses of the Duodenum and other segments of the small intestine to cause malabsorption (decreased absorption of nutrients).
Glucomannan refers to an herbal supplement that is said to contribute to Weight loss by delaying the absorption of glucose from the intestines.
Guarana refers to a nervous system stimulant derived from the seeds of a Brazilian plant of the same name, it is often found in herbal supplements that promote Weight loss.