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The Fitness and Health Glossary +++ Popular Articles: 'Exercise', 'Effort', 'Ephedrine'

Deutsch: Erregbarkeit / Español: Excitabilidad / Português: Excitabilidade / Français: Excitabilité / Italiano: Eccitabilità

Excitability in the fitness context refers to the ability of muscle fibers or nerves to respond to stimuli, typically through electrical or chemical signals. This physiological property is fundamental for muscle contraction and hence, is crucial for all types of physical activities and exercises.

Deutsch: Elastizität / Español: Elasticidad / Português: Elasticidade / Français: Élasticité / Italiano: Elasticità

Elasticity in the fitness context refers to the ability of muscle fibers, connective tissues, and skin to return to their original length and shape after being stretched or contracted. It is a critical physical property that affects how muscles and joints move and perform during various types of physical activity.

Deutsch: Übungen für sesshafte Personen / Español: Ejercicios para personas sedentarias / Português: Exercícios para Pessoas Sedentárias / Français: Exercices pour les personnes sédentaires / Italiano: Esercizi per individui sedentari

Exercises for Sedentary Individuals are specifically designed activities aimed at increasing physical activity levels among people who typically have low levels of daily movement, often due to desk jobs, long periods of sitting, or lifestyle choices. These exercises focus on improving cardiovascular health, building strength, and increasing flexibility to counteract the negative effects of prolonged sitting.

Deutsch: Übungen für Fußballspieler / Español: Ejercicio para jugadores de fútbol / Português: Exercício para jogadores de futebol / Français: Exercice pour les joueurs de football / Italiano: Esercizio per calciatori

Exercise for soccer player refers to specific training routines and physical activities designed to enhance the overall performance, agility, endurance, and skill set of soccer players. These exercises target the unique demands of soccer, which include running, quick changes of direction, high levels of coordination, and strength.

Deutsch: Übungen für Jogger/Läufer / Español: Ejercicio para corredores / Português: Exercício para corredores / Français: Exercice pour joggeurs/coureurs / Italiano: Esercizio per corridori

Exercise for jogger/runner refers to specific physical activities or routines designed to enhance running performance, improve endurance, and reduce the risk of injuries. These exercises are tailored to meet the demands of both casual joggers and serious runners, aiming to strengthen muscles, increase flexibility, and boost cardiovascular health.

Deutsch: Ephedrin / Español: Efedrina / Português: Efedrina / Français: Éphédrine / Italiano: Efèdrina /

Ephedrine which is also known as Ma-Huang refers to a common ingredient in herbal dietary supplements used for Weight loss.

Deutsch: Ausführung / Español: Ejecución / Português: Execução / Français: Exécution / Italiano: Esecuzione

Execution in the fitness context refers to the manner in which an individual performs a specific exercise or workout routine. It encompasses the technique, form, and precision used to complete each movement, ensuring that the exercise is effective in targeting the intended muscle groups while minimizing the risk of injury. Proper execution is crucial for achieving the desired outcomes of a fitness program, such as increased strength, improved flexibility, or enhanced cardiovascular health. It also plays a significant role in maximizing the efficiency of a workout by ensuring that each movement is performed with optimal effort and alignment.

Deutsch: Energie / Español: Energia / Português: Energia / Français: Energie / Italiano: Energia

In the realm of fitness and exercise, effort refers to the physical exertion and energy expended during a workout or training session. This article explores the meaning of effort in the fitness context, its application areas, well-known examples, potential risks, and provides sentences illustrating its usage in different grammatical forms.

Deutsch: Ausdauer / Español: Resistencia / Português: Estamina -/ Français: Endurance / Italiano: Resistenza fisica
Endurance (also related to sufferance and resilience) is the ability of an organism to exert itself and remain active for a long period of time, as well as its ability to resist, withstand, recover from, and have immunity to trauma, wounds, or fatigue.

Deutsch: Energie / Español: Energía / Português: Energia / Français: Énergie / Italiano: Energia
In physics, energy is one of the basic quantitative properties describing a physical system or object's state. Energy can be transformed (converted) among a number of forms that may each manifest and be measurable in differing ways.